Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness

Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness

Welcome to the captivating world of urban exploration, an international subculture of fearless thrill-seekers who lurk beneath city streets and trespass into long-abandoned buildings, defiantly searching for unseen treasures of modern civilization. Documentary filmmaker Melody Gilbert follows Max Action, Slim Jim, Katwoman and Turobzutek as they infiltrate aging lunatic asylums, government sites, faded tourist attractions, sewers, drains, and even the forbidden Catacombs in Paris. Many explore armed with only a camera, often snapping astonishingly beautiful photos.

Director : Melody Gilbert
Casts :
Countrys : USA
Ratings : 5.2
Ratings Count : 183
Releasing : 2007-01-01
Time : 86

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