House on the Hill

House on the Hill

Based on a true story, “House On The Hill” is a true crime melodrama with strong horror elements, chronicling the outrageous 1980s murder spree of serial killer Leonard Lake, who would target, kidnap, rob and kill people – and even whole families. Sonia, the only survivor of Lake’s killing spree, teams up with a private investigator to help him locate a woman who disappeared into Lake’s compound. In the process, Sonia recounts the horrors of the house, where Lake and his accomplice would force her to videotape the killings.

Director : Jeff Frentzen, Nicole Marie Polec
Casts : Naidra Dawn Thomson, Shannon Leade, Stephen A.F. Day, Sam Leung, Kevin McCloskey, Laura Hofrichter, Brenna Catherine Briski, Crystal Nelson, Tya Adams, Olivia Parrish, Rachael Devlin
Countrys : USA
Ratings : 2.9
Ratings Count : 231
Releasing : 2012-05-11
Time : 85

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