Heavy Metal Horror

Heavy Metal Horror

Heavy Metal Horror follows a day in the life of Julia, a prostitute constantly shadowed by an unseen, supernatural presence. Hounded by her pimp, a shifty lowlife named Vincent, Julia has finally reached her breaking point. She escapes Vincent’s grasp, and finds herself in the company of an unlikely group of protectors: a heavy metal band named Armifera. Fronted by the drug-addicted but charismatic Damian, the band takes her in after one of their concerts for a night of excess. What Julia doesn’t realize however, is that the band has something planned for that night, something dark, and it’s only a matter of time before their worlds collide with terrifying results. Written by Richard Boylan

Director : Richard Boylan
Casts : Richard Boylan, Anthony Rhys Davies, Chris Davison, Damian Dunwoody, Daphnee Hanrahan, Mel Hoy, Sandra Humm, Jon Kurtz, Cody Lloyd, Kristopher Martens, Robbie Red
Countrys : Canada
Ratings : 5.4
Ratings Count : 28
Releasing :
Time : 80

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