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Moments We Shared

An ordinary young man named Liu Thirteen lost himself in the city and was taken back to his hometown by his grandmother, a small town by the clouds. Childhood friends Cheng Shuang and his grandmother accompanied him, and Liu Shisan spent a peaceful time. He followed the traces left by his ancestors, listened carefully to the breathing of the small town, reached out to the small shop where he could touch the clouds, and gradually emerged from his past confusion between the mountains and the sea, under the osmanthus tree in the yard. Some people are unforgettable and forget after a few years. Some people, regardless of life or death, are always by your side

Genre: Drama, Romance

Actor: Peng Yuchang, Zhou Ye, Zhang Yifan, Michelle Chen, Darren Wang

Director: Zhang Jiajia

Country: China

Duration: 131分钟

Quality: TC

Release: 2024

IMDb: 0.0