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Gold or Shit

Wu Di (played by Hu Ge), a literary and artistic young man from the north who has fallen into despair, returns home feeling frustrated in his work relationship. Wu Di's act of "raiding" and returning home disrupted the originally peaceful life of the family. He not only needs to face the "intimate" relationship with his family again, but also needs to seek more possibilities for his future. After encountering multiple obstacles in the face of reality, he met his high school classmate Feng Liuliu (played by Gao Yuanyuan) by chance, and then his life underwent an unexpected transformation.

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Family

Actor: Hu Ge, Gao Yuanyuan, Yue Hong, Zhou Yemang, Jolin Jin

Director: Long Fei, Zhengyu Xie

Country: China

Duration: 99

Quality: HD

Release: 2024

IMDb: 0.0