A Lion Returns

A Lion Returns

Jamal has just returned to Australia after disappearing overseas for 18 months fighting in Syria. He’s back in the country and wants to see his terminally ill mother, however he has to deal with his strong-minded older brother Omar, then his wife Heidi and their young son whom he left behind, but most importantly his unforgiving father. But why has Jamal really come back? Is he a militant with a cause or an easily led pawn in a bigger picture? A story about redemption, forgiveness and the consequences of your actions on loved ones and those you leave behind.

Director : Serhat Caradee, Ryan Osmond, Patricia Dy, Michael Ryan
Casts : Maha Wilson, Jacqui Purvis, Serhat Caradee, Tyler De Nawi, Taffy Hany, Frances Duca, Helen Chebatte, Jayne-Louise O'Connell, Danny Elacci, Oliver Trajkovski, Buddy Dannoun
Countrys : Australia
Ratings : 5.9
Ratings Count : 55
Releasing : 2018-08-10
Time : 90

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